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Hurrishane's Jewel Page


Hello and welcome to my section about one of the most beautiful singers you could ever hear. This is dedicated to Jewel and her fans, If you have'nt heard this young lady sing then you don't know what you're missing. Jewel is one of the most talented artists around and with her poetic mix and folk style approach you cannot but think what she will give you on the next song. Jewel released her first album Pieces of You when she was 20, but the incredible thing is that she was writing several years before then. I just can't say enough about this Alaskan native, simply one of the best!

Jewel's latest single is all over MTV, VH1 and the radio, be sure to request Intuition and show your support! I apologize for the major neglect this page has been through lately. With other projects in the works I completely forgot all about this until checking my Webring info the other day. I doubt there will be much on this section with Tripod's changes over the passed couple years. I may be moving this page to a site where I can do so much more to it. Keep an eye out and see what happens. ;)


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